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"How good" is the application of Artificial Intelligence within Assisted Reproductive Technologies?

Australians will be very familiar with its current Prime Minister's catch-cry of "How good is..."(Australia, or anything and anyone else he thinks is very good)! It is meant as a rhetorical question, with an obvious positive answer. But it is still a question and still requires an answer - and in doing an analysis of the heart of what is questioned, may provide less than positive answers, as the Australian PM has found at times. In our view, the same applies to the use of Artificial Intelligence within IVF clinics. An excellent analysis of this question, particularly from a business point of view, was conducted by David Sable and appeared in 'Forbes Magazine' back in May 2020 (link: He writes a generally supportive essay, but also nicely enunciates the limitations of thinking AI is the panacea for the field. His comment, which resonated best with us here at Fertilis, yet poorly appreciated in the industry, was: 'The under-engineering of IVF, forty years after the first successful cycle, is in large part related to the paucity of measurable endpoints that we can use to isolate and assess specific steps in what is a long sequence of contributions to a single outcome: pregnant or not.' AI will be a part of the solution, but also many other elements of the IVF process that require standardisation, which in turn, will provide measurable end points and progression


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