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Does blastocyst culture cause problems?

A recent publication from Spangmose and colleagues (Human Reproduction, Volume 35, Issue 4, April 2020, Pages 805–815, concludes that blastocyst transfer is associated with negative obstetric outcomes, higher levels of pre-term birth and more male than female children. The study was highlighted by ESHRE’s Focus on Reproduction ( Questions will arise about what all this means, but very relevant was a comment on Linked In from the ART technology influencer, Gabor Vajta, who wrote: “When we talk about ‘blastocyst culture’ we suppose it is a compact method with perfectly established standards, tools, solutions, parameters and highly qualified professionals. That may be applicable to a few top units in the world - again, FEW units - but absolutely not typical for the rest. Instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater and suggesting return to the cleavage stage transfer, we should do our best to IMPROVE and STANDARDIZE our BLASTOCYST culture system”.

We completely agree with Gabor!

Jeremy Thompson

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