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About Fertilis


Professor Jeremy Thompson


Fertilis technology involves each embryo growing inside its own patented micro-3D printed pod.

The pod protects the embryo and enables automated subtle changes to the nutritive composition of the formulated solutions that bathes the embryo, providing the most optimised growth environment ever developed.

The pod structure allows fertilisation, embryo culture and embryo cryopreservation to occur in the one structure – no more moving embryos around by hand.

The pods are optically clear, so they are compatible with imaging systems, including time-lapse.

The pods sit within a specialised petri-dish that retains all the familiar features found with any petri-dish, thereby providing ease of use for any embryologist.

The pods do not allow the embryos to escape, providing a fixed-location so you know exactly where each embryo is at any time.

An embryo is easily loaded into a pod by an embryologist, and just as easily unloaded.

Fertilis Pty Ltd

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